Read and Watched July 21-27


An Edited Life – Anna Newton

This is a really interesting look at getting your life streamlined and everything in a manageable way so that you can perform at your best. I found quite a few useful tips in it, as well as some ideas I had not thought of before.

A picture of my dog Rosie with the book "An Edited Life"
Rosie with An Edited Life by Anna Newton


Madam Secretary

1×05 Blame Canada

1×06 The Call

1×07 Passage

1×08 Need to Know

1×09 So It Goes

1×10 Collateral Damage

Arrow 5×18 Disbanded


I love this movie. Not just for the concept of found family, which is something I love seeing in popular culture, but because one of the leading characters has a disability. A double whammy of awesome!

Wynonna Earp: 2×12 I Hope You Dance

Legends of Tomorrow: 2×16 Doomworld

Rizzoli and Isles: 7×12 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The Blacklist

4×21 Mr Kaplan (No.4)

4×21 Mr Kaplan (No.4) Conclusion: Holy cow, Ressler killed Laurel Hitchens! I did not see that coming. Also, the Samar and Aram scenes were very cute and they are adorable together.

Black Lightening 2×03 – The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry

Kommisar (Inspector) Rex 

1×04 A Perfect Murder: I absolutely loved this episode. Rex taking Moser to the pet shop and choosing out all the things he needs, including a lot of toys and naturally a giant bone to chew on.


Read and Watched 14-20 July


The Seventy Wonders of China

This book ended up being a bit different to what I expected. Instead of picking 70 wondrous things in the vein of the 7 wonders of the world, the book looked at everything that is wondrous about China – so we had chapters on porcelain, overseas Chinese, and just about everything that China is famous for.

My dog Rosie sitting next to a copy of the book "Chocolate" by Kirsten Tibballs
Rosie and “Chocolate” by Kirsten Tibballs

Chocolate – Kirsten Tibballs

Normally I don’t put cookbooks on here, but this Queen of Chocolate’s recipes are next level. I cooked her chocolate brownies and almost put the entire family into a chocolate coma. She’s a super nice woman and amazingly talented. Check out her TV show “Queen of Chocolate” on SBS!


Inspector Soneri Fog and Crimes 3 – Well Bred Boys

Love the addition of Immocalata. Love the new doctor and Soneri putting his hands on her within five minutes – dude, take a girl to dinner first!


6×9 Tree People – I literally have no problem with this tree person. Also every time I saw the tree person I kept saying “I Am Groot”.

6×10 Blood Magic

6×11 Where the Wild Things Were

6×12 Zerstorer Shrugged – Trubel’s back!!

6×13 The End – Wow. Just wow. I stand up and applaud the writers because that finale was just GOLD. The whole thing was so well written and just totally full circle. So happy Eve is back as a Hexenbiest (because she’s so much more interesting) and always pleased to see Trubel. I have one question: When Diana said Mum and Dad, does that mean Nick and Adalind? Because I like she has two dad’s now. Also, two gripes: We didn’t get to see Monrosalee’s triplets and I was waiting for Trubel to get a girlfriend.

Spiderman: Far From Home

No spoilers, but I loved this. So different from what the trailer promised. I was SO excited to see Maria Hill again – Cobie Smulders is just GOLD in that role. And Zendaya is AWESOME as MJ. So glad to see her get a bigger role.


15×24 Date With Destiny: So glad to see more of Jack’s backstory. Maria Bello is an outstanding actress and I love see her get more screen time on this show.

Black Lightening

2×2 The Book of Consequences Chapter 2 – Black Jesus Blues: I spy Grace! So happy to see Chantal Thuy back!

Hawaii 5-0

3×6 I Ka Wa Mamua: Now we know where Grace’s name came from. I wonder if Grace knows? I loved learning more about Danny in this episode and Scott Caan was a star.

3×7 Ho’omai’ke Not going to lie, I really wanted Kamekona to be watching The Notebook as well.

Madam Secretary

1×2 Another Benghazi

1×3 The Operative

1×4 Just Another Normal Day: Side note: I love everyone in this show, but anarchist son and Blake are both special mentions.

Wynonna Earp

2×10 I See a Darkness I love Waverly fighting Faux-cedes and it was such an interesting episode to watch as Waverly, instead of trusting her sister, decides she can’t and has to save Nicole herself. I thought it said a lot about their relationship and I’m very interested to see the consequences this has (apart from disappeared Wynonna of course)

2×11 Gone as a Girl Can Get This show brings the laughs and everyone wandering around not knowing who this crazy Wynonna person is was hilarious. Loved to see Bobo back because he’s always fun, and Nicole pining over Waverly was adorable. Best lines of the episode go first to Nicole with “I’d do a lot of things to you” and Waverly’s “Also I think I’m gay. Call you later”


What I Read and Watched 7-13 July


Daily Rituals – Mason Curry

This is a great book that looks at all the daily rituals from some of the most creative people. This includes writer, artists, composers, philosophers and more. I really enjoyed reading it – it is something that you can use to discover what would help you in your own creative pursuits – whether it is a rigid schedule, or a peculiar one.

The Soul of an Octopus – Sy Montgomery

Not knowing much about octopuses, I found this an intriguing read. These creatures are so intelligent that in aquariums they are given complex puzzles and Lego’s to play with so they don’t get bored. I was shocked to find they only live four or five years – a male dies directly after copulation and a female dies when her eggs are hatched. 

1, 342 QI Facts

Picture of my dog Rosie with the book 1,342 QI Facts
Rosie with 1,342 QI Facts

I love fact lists and the geeky researcher in me loves that in these QI books they are all backed up by actual information you can access yourself. I only wish they’d done more of these books!


Inspector Soneri: Fog and Crimes 3 – Hard Times: The introduction of the little girl is a new twist. I’m also intrigued by Soneri’s new love interest, because a) Angela annoyed me and b) this one might give him a run for his money, but he was just a tad forward with her – seriously, going to kiss her in the elevator – take a woman to dinner first!


6×06 Breakfast in Bed

6×07 Blind Love – Hank was HILARIOUS in this episode.

6×08 The Son Also Rises

Arrow 5×17 Kapiushon

Wynonna Earp 2×09 Forever Mine, Nevermind

Legends of Tomorrow

2×15 Fellowship of the Spear –  Ray cackling in the German’s cannon and spinning around to make it face them was just GOLD. I hope they are all going to be nice to my boy Rory now – he’s one of our favourite characters!

Rizzoli and Isles

7×11 Stiffed – As the series comes to an end, I’m finding myself missing the earlier seasons. Something has shifted and although I love the Frankie/Nina stories, I miss those old seasons.

Kommisar (Inspector) Rex

1×03 The Body at Schonbrunn: As someone who has been to Schonbrunn in the middle of winter – NOT MY IDEA – I almost didn’t recognise the place without it being covered in snow.

Elementary – 6×03 Pushing Buttons

The Blacklist 4×20 The Debt Collector (No.46)

The Flash 

3×18 Abra Kadabra: Ah, Barry? Travelling through time never ends well with you. I feel this is a monumentally bad decision


What I Read and Watched – 23 June to 6 July

Double shot this week because I had a migraine last week.


When Everything Changed – Gail Collins

A picture of my poodle Rosie looking at the book "Everything Changed" by Gail Collins
Rosie and Everything Changed by Gail Collins

A fascinating look at the way women’s rights have changed over the years.

Drop Dead Healthy – AJ Jacobs

This was an interesting read, but it’s hard to find any relevancy when you have chronic illness. Chronic illness makes it difficult to do any of the things recommended.

Pachinko – Min Jin Lee

This book was interesting, because it kept you engrossed even though it was not a happy story. 



5×15 Skin Deep: It was like watching an episode of Botched. Also, Eve turning into Renard was beyond creepy

5×16 The Believer

5×17 Inugami

5×18 Good to the Bone

5×19 The Taming of the Wu

5×20 Bad Night

5×21 Beginning of the End Part 1

5×22 The Beginning of the End Part 2

6×01 Fugitive

6×02 Trust Me Knot

6×03 Oh Captain, My Captain

6×04 El Cuegle

6×05 The Seven Year Itch


6×01 An Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains

6×02 Once You’ve Ruled Out God: I love this show. And their episode titles

The Blacklist

4×18 Philomena (no.61)

4×19 Dr Bogdan Krylov (No.29)

The Flash

3×16 Into the Speed Force

3×17 Duet: I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this episode and how much I didn’t expect to. Cisco can sing! Loved “Dads” Martin and Joe. Also, why is Kara awesome in every show except her own?

Inspector Soneri Fog and Crimes 3 – The Secret Room


15×22 Two Steps Back

15×23 Fallout: I love Kasie.

Hawaii 5-0 

3×03 Lan I Ka Moana

3×04 Popilikia: Steve’s mum gives me the creeps.

5×16 Checkmate

Wynonna Earp 2×08 No Future in the Past

David Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur

Legends of Tomorrow 2×14 Moonshot

Rizzoli and Isles 7×10 For Richer or Poorer

Kommisar (Inspector) Rex 1×2