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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Illustrated Edition) – JK Rowling: As always, I love this series, and Jim Kay’s illustrations are always in line with what I expected.

My black poodle Rosie with the book "Death of a Dying Man" by JM Redmann
Rosie with “Death of a Dying Man” by JM Redmann

Death of a Dying Man – JM Redmann: The storyline was okay, but I really enjoyed the descriptions of New Orleans the most.


Madam Secretary

4×21 Protocol

4×22 Night Watch – Well that was one very powerful and well-done episode

5×01 E Pluribus Unum – Blowing up Stevie is unacceptable. Also, the secretary of states reuniting was awesome.

5×02 The Chaos Game

5×03 The Magic Rake

Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure

1×02 Georgia and Azerbaijan

The Originals (Parents First Watch)

3×11 Wild at Heart – They were both quite surprised by Cami in this.

3×12 Dead Angels – They certainly didn’t see Marcel as leader of the Strix coming! Or Elijah’s role. Or Aurora stealing the white oak!

3×13 Heart Shaped Box – They were very put out by Hope’s toy being ruined, and they liked Finn helping Klaus to find Freya. They also enjoyed the toast to murder at the end.

3×14 A Streetcar Named Desire – They really enjoyed Freya breaking Lucien’s neck. They didn’t see Aya’s death coming, but they were very pleased about it.

3×15 An Old Friend Calls – They were really happy that Elijah finished Hayley’s list

3×16 Alone with Everybody – They certainly didn’t expect Lucien to kidnap Vincent and Freya!

3×17 Behind the Black Horizon – They didn’t see Lucien’s new form coming. They did enjoy Klaus and Hayley working together.

3×18 The Devil Comes Here and Sighs – They are looking forward to Lucien getting killed.

3×19 No More Heartbreaks – They thought Cami’s last episode was really well done

3×20 Where Nothing Stays Buried – They actually don’t mind that Davina’s dead.

Hawaii 5-0

3×13 Olelo Ho’Opa’I Make – He might be a bad guy, but San Min never stops being fun.

Midnight Sun

1×01 Well this murderer is a sadistic psycho

1×02 I’m surprised they killed someone who was introduced as a main character!

Inspector Rex

2×03 A Murderous Summer – I love Rex packing his bag to go camping



Passing Strange – Ellen Kloges

A short little book about witches living in New Orleans that preserve themselves in artwork.

Writers: Their Lives and Works – James Naughtie

A brief overview of several different authors, including some I was not aware of

National Geographic July 2019

Eye to Eye – Frans Lanting

This is such a beautiful book of photography from Frans Lanting. I particularly love his photos of elephants and the different wild cats.

Moscow: An Illustrated History – Kathleen Berton Murrell

This was an interesting short history (with black and white illustrations) of how the capital city of Moscow came to be.

Monster, She Wrote – Lisa Kroger and Melanie R Andersen

This is an absolutely fascinating book about all the pioneering (and a lot of forgotten) female writers of horror, ghost stories and speculative fiction. A lot of these women were sometimes the first in their fields, predating men who are often considered the pioneers.


Madam Secretary

4×15 The Unnamed – Well this had shades of Aung San Suu Kyi and the Rohingya.

4×16 My Funny Valentine – Puppies!

4×17 Phase Two

4×18 The Friendship Game

4×19 Thin Ice

4×20 The Things We Get to Say

The Originals (Parent’s First Watch)

3×05 The Axeman’s Letter – They completely agree Aurora is nuts

3×06 Beautiful Mistake – They loved Freya breaking the necks of all the Strix

3×07 Out of the Easy – They thought the Thanksgiving decorations and dinner were excellent, and were most approving of Freya breaking Aurora’s neck.

3×08 The Other Girl in New Orleans – They got quite the shock when they saw Finn! 

3×09 Savior – They loved the Christmas decorations. Totally didn’t see the ending with Cami’s death coming. They also were quite shocked at Elijah having to dagger Rebekah!

3×10 A Ghost Along the Mississippi – Dad says this show has some of the best scriptwriting ever. They totally didn’t see Cami pulling the switch with Aurora and locking Tristan in the box coming!

Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure

1×01 Venice, Albania and Turkey – Utterly stunning scenery and fascinating information


16×02 Love Thy Neighbour – This show is getting good again. So glad Maria Bello is in it. And this was an excellent piece of character development for Torres

The Team

2×05 I’m glad Tarek and Rasha are okay.

2×06 Seriously Nelly and Gregor? Did we HAVE to? Also, it’s like no one can kill the maniac birdwatcher!


2×08 I’m glad someone finally got the maniac birdwatcher. He was nuts!


1×03 Child Predator – This episode was so good. Such twists!

The Blacklist

5×03 Miss Rebecca Thrall (No 76) – This show has lost something along the way. The writing is not as tight, and the characters are acting out of character.



My dog Rosie with the book Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers by Sady Doyle
Rosie with Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers by Sady Doyle

Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers – Sady Doyle

An interesting read on the tropes and different ways women have been portrayed in popular culture. The theory on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is fascinating.

Border Line – Mishell Baker

A book with a disabled, mentally ill protagonist is a rare find indeed. I just wish the ending was better.

A Room Of One’s Own – Adrian Mourby

A romp through the different places most identified with particular writers

Final Chapters – Jim Bernhard

How writers lived their last days – with the interesting addition of the individual writers’ thoughts on death.


Madam Secretary

4×10 Women Transform the World

4×11 Mitya – Here we go, Stevie’s parents are wrong, again. She’s adult and can date who she likes.

4×12 Sound and Fury

4×13 Reading the Signs

4×14 Refuge


1×02 While You Were Sleeping – First Marcus episode

The Originals 

2×21 Fire With Fire – Figured Klaus was going to be cranky

2×22 Ashes to Ashes – Great episode all around

3×01 For the Next Millennium – Don’t like Lucien. They were confused over why Aurora was in the Buddhist Temple

3×02 You Hung the Moon – Well we agree Davina’s making bad choices. Were surprised at Lucien’s little werewolf venom cure and agree that Aurora and Tristan are creepy

3×03 I’ll See You In Hell or New Orleans

3×04 A Walk on the Wild Side – They loved Freya punching Alexis

The Blacklist

5×02 Greyson Blaise (No 37).-Better than 5×01 but still lacking…something

The Flash

3×21 Cause and Effect – One of the funniest episodes we’ve had in a while.

Hawaii 5-0

Kapu – Look at little Andy Lawrence all grown up!

Inspector Rex

2×1 – Silent Screams – love Rex helping the little girl


5×21 Honor Thy Fathers  – Not as good as the last episode – clearly what happens when there is not enough focus on Felicity