Read and Watched 14-20 July


The Seventy Wonders of China

This book ended up being a bit different to what I expected. Instead of picking 70 wondrous things in the vein of the 7 wonders of the world, the book looked at everything that is wondrous about China – so we had chapters on porcelain, overseas Chinese, and just about everything that China is famous for.

My dog Rosie sitting next to a copy of the book "Chocolate" by Kirsten Tibballs
Rosie and “Chocolate” by Kirsten Tibballs

Chocolate – Kirsten Tibballs

Normally I don’t put cookbooks on here, but this Queen of Chocolate’s recipes are next level. I cooked her chocolate brownies and almost put the entire family into a chocolate coma. She’s a super nice woman and amazingly talented. Check out her TV show “Queen of Chocolate” on SBS!


Inspector Soneri Fog and Crimes 3 – Well Bred Boys

Love the addition of Immocalata. Love the new doctor and Soneri putting his hands on her within five minutes – dude, take a girl to dinner first!


6×9 Tree People – I literally have no problem with this tree person. Also every time I saw the tree person I kept saying “I Am Groot”.

6×10 Blood Magic

6×11 Where the Wild Things Were

6×12 Zerstorer Shrugged – Trubel’s back!!

6×13 The End – Wow. Just wow. I stand up and applaud the writers because that finale was just GOLD. The whole thing was so well written and just totally full circle. So happy Eve is back as a Hexenbiest (because she’s so much more interesting) and always pleased to see Trubel. I have one question: When Diana said Mum and Dad, does that mean Nick and Adalind? Because I like she has two dad’s now. Also, two gripes: We didn’t get to see Monrosalee’s triplets and I was waiting for Trubel to get a girlfriend.

Spiderman: Far From Home

No spoilers, but I loved this. So different from what the trailer promised. I was SO excited to see Maria Hill again – Cobie Smulders is just GOLD in that role. And Zendaya is AWESOME as MJ. So glad to see her get a bigger role.


15×24 Date With Destiny: So glad to see more of Jack’s backstory. Maria Bello is an outstanding actress and I love see her get more screen time on this show.

Black Lightening

2×2 The Book of Consequences Chapter 2 – Black Jesus Blues: I spy Grace! So happy to see Chantal Thuy back!

Hawaii 5-0

3×6 I Ka Wa Mamua: Now we know where Grace’s name came from. I wonder if Grace knows? I loved learning more about Danny in this episode and Scott Caan was a star.

3×7 Ho’omai’ke Not going to lie, I really wanted Kamekona to be watching The Notebook as well.

Madam Secretary

1×2 Another Benghazi

1×3 The Operative

1×4 Just Another Normal Day: Side note: I love everyone in this show, but anarchist son and Blake are both special mentions.

Wynonna Earp

2×10 I See a Darkness I love Waverly fighting Faux-cedes and it was such an interesting episode to watch as Waverly, instead of trusting her sister, decides she can’t and has to save Nicole herself. I thought it said a lot about their relationship and I’m very interested to see the consequences this has (apart from disappeared Wynonna of course)

2×11 Gone as a Girl Can Get This show brings the laughs and everyone wandering around not knowing who this crazy Wynonna person is was hilarious. Loved to see Bobo back because he’s always fun, and Nicole pining over Waverly was adorable. Best lines of the episode go first to Nicole with “I’d do a lot of things to you” and Waverly’s “Also I think I’m gay. Call you later”

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