Read and Watched 8-14 September


Invisible Illness – Dr Megan A Arroll and Professor Christine P Dancey: An interesting overview of some invisible illnesses and how to both diagnose and cope with them.

The Resurrection – The Originals: I felt really sorry for Elijah in this book. Although on the plus side, we did get a mention of my favourite character, Freya, even though the person mentioning her was under the impression she had died.

Under Currents – Nora Roberts

A picture of my dog, Rosie, in her bed, with the book "Under Currents" by Nora Roberts
Rosie with “Under Currents” by Nora Roberts


Madam Secretary

3×18 Good Bones

3×19 Global Relief

3×20 Extraordinary Hazard

3×21 The Seventh Floor – I really loved this look into the lives of the other characters. Jay is just a superhero and I love his way with his daughter.

3×22 Revelation

3×23 Article 5

4×01 News Cycle

The Originals

4×01 Gather Up the Killers – loved the Helijah. And oh, Freya – you’ve just met the love of your life

4×02 No Quarter – Loved the way they all worked together to save Klaus. Marcel, you’ve become a monster

4×03 Haunter of Ruins – It was so good seeing Hope and her family together. And more Helijah!

4×04 Keepers of the House – So glad to see Freya and Keelin working together!

4×05 I Hear Your Knocking – Freelin love

4×06 Bag of Cobras – loved the party, even though someone lost their heart. And speaking of lost hearts – Freya is smitten with Keelin!

4×07 High Water and a Devil’s Daughter – The scene where Freya and Keelin kiss was so well written – everything Keelin wants Freya to have is everything Freya should have, instead of sacrificing herself constantly for her family. She’s a lot like Elijah in that way.

4×08 Voodoo in My Blood – Helijah! And Davina is still annoying

4×09 Queen Death – Poor Freya. Again her family spoils her date

4×10 Phantomesque – Don’t give up on Elijah now, Hayley. Freya and Hope doing magic together is cute.

4×11 A Spirit Here Won’t Be Broken – well, my Helijah heart is broken. And Kol – what the hell are you doing?

4×12 Voodoo Child – Freelin. Also, Evil!Hope is terrifying!

4×13 The Feast of All Sinners – Well this show has me crying again. Everyone leaving, Helijah heart broken. The scene between Klaus and Marcel. Hope calling for her Dad. Elijah getting his memory wiped. And Keelin just holding Freya as she watches the last of her family leave. I did not sign up for these feelings!

5×01 Where You Left Your Heart – Love the astral projection meetings between Freelin. Love the friendship that seems to have developed between Vincent and Freya, and I love the round table with Freya, Vincent, Hayley and Josh. And this family…they really just can’t keep away from each other. And good lord, Hope, what have you done with your MOTHER???

The Team





1×5 – I’m reasonably certain that Alicia and Natascha are the only sane people in this show

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