Spoil Me – PLEASE

Today I’m talking about spoilers – or these supposed spoiler-free things. Therefore this post WILL contain spoilers to Avengers Endgame and Avengers Infinity War.

It’s a particularly important time for spoilers, considering all the effort Marvel has given to discouraging spoilers with their #Thanosdemandsyoursilence hashtag all over social media.

In principle I agree with the concept – most people like the surprises that come with watching something for the first time so they avoid spoilers like the plague. My friend is like this – she was religiously avoiding spoilers before she saw Avengers Endgame (which was probably made easier because she’s not on social media anyway). 

I however, am quite different. Having anxiety and going spoiler-free is not really something, in my opinion that is compatible. I am someone that would have been wrecked if I had gone to Marley and Me. Luckily I was saved from this tragedy by the people that kept graffitiing the words “the dog dies” over all the movie posters.

However if you are someone that needs these spoilers, it is not easy to necessarily find them. I found it very difficult to find spoilers for Endgame – I REALLY did not want to go to the movie without finding out who died in advance – it just makes the movie experience really unpleasant for me. I was lucky enough to see Infinity War fairly late so I discovered that Gamora died before I watched it. If I hadn’t, it would have been awful.

Remember I am someone who tears up in movie TRAILERS – I did not do well when the trailer for “A Dog’s Journey” came on while I went to watch a movie recently. I also teared up at the Dumbo trailer (but then again, I had already been traumatised by the animated version so I knew the live-action would be worse – another reason I am NOT seeing the live-action Lion King).

I am not going to say where I got the Endgame spoilers because I do not want to get anyone in trouble but I appreciated finding them.

It interests me also that people can be quite vicious about people who ask for spoilers. Some people think that there is some atrocity if you need to find spoilers before you can see something. Well to that I say, I’d rather not have a triggering episode when I see a movie – movies are supposed to be ENTERTAINMENT. 

This is why I also find the website “Does the Dog Die?” Quite useful. It is a website that users can contribute to in order to help others out. I’ve been saved from some traumatic animal killings and anxiety-triggering episodes by this website, and I have contributed myself to it. It’s a great website and I cannot recommend it enough.

In closing, I want to remind people that in general, not spoiler other people’s entertainment experience is great – I never told my friend anything I found out about the Marvel movies and she really enjoyed them all. However, please remember that spoilers HELP some people, and can help them prepare and/or make informed choices about their entertainment. 

Let’s not get mean or nasty about this – respect that some people don’t like being spoiled and some do. There’s room for everyone and EVERYONE that makes content (including you, Marvel), needs to respect that.