Read and Watched 18th-24th August


A picture of my dog Rosie with a pink bow in front of the book Wordslut by Amanda Montell.
Rosie with “Wordslut” by Amanda Montell.

Wordslut – Amanda Montell: This is such an interesting book on language and feminism. It shows how language can be patriarchal and the different words and trends that have been attributed to women as well as ways in which language can be improved to be have more equality.


Madam Secretary

2×18 On the Clock

2×19 Desperate Remedies: I approve of Jareth. Even though his name is weird.

2×20 Ghost Detainee

2×21 Connection

2×22 Render Safe

2×23 Vartius

3×01 Sea Change

3×02 The Linchpin

The Originals

2×03 Every Mother’s Son

2×04 Live and Let Die

2×05 Red Door: That awesome Helijah at the end until they ripped it away…

2×06 Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

2×07 Bloodletting: Marcel and Hayley give excellent gifts.

2×08 The Brothers That Care Forgot

2×09 The Map of Moments: I spy Freya! Also, more Helijah before they rip it away…again…

2×10 Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire

2×11 Brotherhood of the Damned

2×12 Sanctuary: Freya’s here!

2×13 The Devil is Damned: Freya, why are you being evil? We like baby Hope.

2×14 I Love You, Goodbye: Jackson continues to annoy me. 

2×15 They All Asked For You: Love Freya. Glad she got rid of Finn (in the talisman, anyway). Glad she’s not evil.

2×16: Jackson still annoys me. And apparently Rebekah’s going nuts.


Episode 1: This is a two part mini series that I decide to watch because it had Joanne Kelly in it. She did this before she did Warehouse 13 (love that show) and this is about the global diamond trade.

Episode 2: This brought the entire series full circle and was a good ending to such a harrowing story.


6×05 Bits and Pieces: It’s Schrodinger’s bird flu! I love this show.


2×03 I like the new character of Jim Barney. I actually like him a lot more than Holden. Also Olivia Dunham’s got a date!

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