Read and Watched 13-19 October


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Illustrated Edition) – JK Rowling: As always, I love this series, and Jim Kay’s illustrations are always in line with what I expected.

My black poodle Rosie with the book "Death of a Dying Man" by JM Redmann
Rosie with “Death of a Dying Man” by JM Redmann

Death of a Dying Man – JM Redmann: The storyline was okay, but I really enjoyed the descriptions of New Orleans the most.


Madam Secretary

4×21 Protocol

4×22 Night Watch – Well that was one very powerful and well-done episode

5×01 E Pluribus Unum – Blowing up Stevie is unacceptable. Also, the secretary of states reuniting was awesome.

5×02 The Chaos Game

5×03 The Magic Rake

Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure

1×02 Georgia and Azerbaijan

The Originals (Parents First Watch)

3×11 Wild at Heart – They were both quite surprised by Cami in this.

3×12 Dead Angels – They certainly didn’t see Marcel as leader of the Strix coming! Or Elijah’s role. Or Aurora stealing the white oak!

3×13 Heart Shaped Box – They were very put out by Hope’s toy being ruined, and they liked Finn helping Klaus to find Freya. They also enjoyed the toast to murder at the end.

3×14 A Streetcar Named Desire – They really enjoyed Freya breaking Lucien’s neck. They didn’t see Aya’s death coming, but they were very pleased about it.

3×15 An Old Friend Calls – They were really happy that Elijah finished Hayley’s list

3×16 Alone with Everybody – They certainly didn’t expect Lucien to kidnap Vincent and Freya!

3×17 Behind the Black Horizon – They didn’t see Lucien’s new form coming. They did enjoy Klaus and Hayley working together.

3×18 The Devil Comes Here and Sighs – They are looking forward to Lucien getting killed.

3×19 No More Heartbreaks – They thought Cami’s last episode was really well done

3×20 Where Nothing Stays Buried – They actually don’t mind that Davina’s dead.

Hawaii 5-0

3×13 Olelo Ho’Opa’I Make – He might be a bad guy, but San Min never stops being fun.

Midnight Sun

1×01 Well this murderer is a sadistic psycho

1×02 I’m surprised they killed someone who was introduced as a main character!

Inspector Rex

2×03 A Murderous Summer – I love Rex packing his bag to go camping

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