A Thank You Letter to Skechers From My Feet

Dear Skechers

We are the first to admit, we have issues. We have flat arches, we are wide and we belong to someone with fibromyalgia. We try to work as hard as possible to be as useful as possible, but as you can understand, life is not easy.

We had read a post on The Mighty, a wonderful resource for those with disabilities, and it said that Skechers was one of the best shoes for people with chronic pain. Naturally we enticed our owner to take us to the first store we could see them in, which was a Myer store. 

They had a lovely display of all kinds of different shoes, all different types of colours. For our first shoe, we selected a black pair of wide fit Skechers. 

Skechers, as soon as we put these shoes on, it felt like we were walking on air. Those memory foam insoles were a soothing balm to the aches and pains that plague us constantly. We felt that we were able to do anything, go anywhere and participate in everything! Our owner even felt the ability to start exercising again because she wasn’t in so much pain with her feet all the time.

Skechers, you have created a miracle product. You have made us so very happy and given us life again.

Thank you so much.

My feet.